Annual General Meeting 2023,19 November 3-4pm AEDT

October 25th, 2023

The Annual General Meeting for Fragile X Association of Australia will be held on Sunday 19th November 3:00-4:00pm AEDT via Zoom.     Cynthia Roberts, FXAA President, and the Board invite you to join us for a review of our programs and developments over the past year, and to take a look at what’s on the horizon.    Register here: 

• Achievement Awards and Volunteer Awards
• Reports from the President and Treasurer
• Annual Report 2023
• A proposed Resolution for the amendment of the FXAA Constitution 2013 – changes to reflect updated general wording and to specify a quorum (number of attendees required) for future AGMs.

Followed by
Voting on Board positions (online poll)
The 2-year terms of 4 of the 8 current Board members are due to end at this AGM.    Each of these four Board members have each re-nominated to serve a further term: Treasurer Adam Lawrence- Slater, Secretary Karen Lipworth, and directors Belinda DÁmico and Mandy Barker.
Brief presentations
o Fragile X Care | Adults and Ageing – the first Australian study on adults and Fragile X syndrome, to be conducted by FXAA with the Centre for Disability Studies (University of Sydney research affiliate)
o Treatments for Fragile X syndrome – what’s on the horizon (Prof W Ted Brown)

Documents for the Meeting:
1. AGM Notice and Agenda  – FXAA_AGM 19 November 2023_Notice and Agenda_Final
2. Minutes from the previous AGM, 20 November 2022  FXAA AGM 2022_Minutes_DRAFT for AGM 2023
3.  Resolution to amend FXAA Constitution 2023  Special Resolution paper for AGM 2023_Final
and link to the current FXAA Constitution 2013 
and link to proposed FXAA Constitution 2023

4. Brief bios of members re-nominating for positions on the Board.  Director nomination bios for AGM Notice_2023_final

RSVP 14 November 2023.
To rsvp:
1. Register here for a Zoom link   OR
2. Email


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22 July | Celebrating everyone living with Fragile X and acknowledging the work being done to ensure early diagnosis and access to future treatments. Your support will help enable us to provide support to the Fragile X community around Australia through our HelpLine, specialist counselling, peer connections, educational webinars, referrals and advocacy. We are grateful for your lead.

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