Endowment Fund Committee

The Fragile X Association Endowment Fund was established in early 2012 to enable funds to be invested in order to provide long term funding for the activities of the Association.

An Advisory Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the FXAA Board as to suitable investment decisions for the Endowment Fund from time to time.

  • Martin Davey (Chair) Martin is a retired chartered accountant who specialised in Audit and Corporate Finance. Previously a partner at Ernst & Young, he was Finance Director of the Schroders Australia property management business and subsequently Chief Financial Officer of the Sydney Futures Exchange prior to its merger with the Australian Stock Exchange.
  • John Kelleher, past President and Treasurer of Fragile X Association of Australia
  • Cynthia Roberts, director and President of Fragile X Association of Australia
  • Adam Lawrence-Slater, director and Treasurer of Fragile X Association of Australia

We're fundraising for our Family Support service!

The spectacular Bridge to Beach paddle race raises funds to help us support, connect and advocate for families around Australia! You can make a difference for the Fragile X community by making a donation to our Bridge to Beach campaign today! Donations of $2.00 and over are tax deductible.

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