Fragile X Association of Australia was formed as a national organisation in 1989 (as an association incorporated in NSW), with the aims of providing support and service to the Fragile X community and a national voice on issues related to Fragile X.

Our vision is that people living with Fragile X are connected, included, understood & empowered to live their best possible lives

Our Mission

Supporting people living with Fragile X to live their best possible lives through connection, education and advocacy.

Underlying Principles

Service, Respect, Accountability, Evaluation, Compliance.


We are a member-based organisation, governed by our Constitution, applicable laws, statutes and regulations.

Fragile X Association of Australia comprises members and an elected Board of volunteer directors. The organisation has an Executive Committee and employs staff.

Several sub-committees serve to support the organisation through information and recommendations, including the Fragile X Scientific, Clinical and Research Sub-committee , and the Fragile X Endowment Fund Committee


As specified in our Constitution, membership is open to:

  • People who are personally affected by Fragile X
  • Parents, guardians, carers or relatives of someone affected by Fragile X
  • Health professionals whose practice involves Fragile X
  • Scientists, geneticists or researchers whose work is involved with Fragile X
  • Educational professionals involved with students with Fragile X
  • People with a commitment to advancing the objects of the Association (as specified in the Constitution),
  • Organisations providing support/service related to Fragile X.

There is no fee for membership of Fragile X Association of Australia. To join click here.


Fragile X Association of Australia is funded by donations, grants and fundraising, and we are very grateful to the members, communities and organisations who support us.

We are especially grateful to the Cunningham Family for their close involvement in our organisation since its establishment 30 years ago and for their generosity as our principal donor.


Donations may be made online and offline. All donations of $2.00 and over are tax deductible.   Click here to make a donation.


The organisation has a financial year 1 July to 30 June, and holds an Annual General Meeting once a year for the election of Board members and other business.

Our Annual Reports provide an excellent overview of our work and activities throughout the year, and include our audited financial statements.

We are very grateful to Manser Tierney & Johnston, Chartered Accountants in Wahroonga, NSW, for supporting us through their pro bono audit services for more that 20 years.


We're fundraising for our Family Support service!

The spectacular Bridge to Beach paddle race raises funds to help us support, connect and advocate for families around Australia! You can make a difference for the Fragile X community by making a donation to our Bridge to Beach campaign today! Donations of $2.00 and over are tax deductible.

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