Annual Reports

Our Annual Reports provide a great opportunity to review our work to increase awareness of Fragile X-associated disorders, provide support to people impacted by Fragile X, provide information and education, and to fundraise for FXAA.

They also showcase the many volunteers who are involved in supporting the Fragile X community throughout the year.
FXAA’s audited financial statements, prepared by our longstanding  auditor, Manser Tierney & Johnston, are included in the Annual Reports.

FXAA Annual Report 2022 -2023

FXAA Annual Report 2021-2022

FXAA Annual Report 2020-2021

FXAA Annual Report 2019 – 2020

FXAA Annual Report 2018 – 2019

FXAA Annual Report 2017-2018

FXAA Annual Report 2016-2017

FXAA Annual Report 2015-2016

FXAA Annual Report 2014-2015

FXAA Annual Report 2013-2014


World Fragile X Day!

22 July | Celebrating everyone living with Fragile X and acknowledging the work being done to ensure early diagnosis and access to future treatments. Your support will help enable us to provide support to the Fragile X community around Australia through our HelpLine, specialist counselling, peer connections, educational webinars, referrals and advocacy. We are grateful for your lead.

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