Genetic Counselling

Genetic counsellors have specialist knowledge in human genetics, counselling and health communication skills. They provide information and supportive counselling to individuals and families about genetic conditions, and can also be involved in the diagnosis of a genetic disorder. Genetic counsellors help people make decisions about genetic testing and understand genetic test results.

It is recommended that genetic counselling be sought whenever a Fragile X DNA test result indicates that a person has a premutation or full mutation in the FMR1 gene.

Where people planning a pregnancy undertake genetic carrier screening to understand their risk of having a child with a genetic condition such as Fragile X syndrome, genetic counselling is also recommended.

Finding a genetic counselling service

Some genetic testing services provide genetic counselling.

Where genetic counselling is not provided by a testing service, referrals for genetic counselling can be made by general practitioners and other health professionals. Genetic counselling services throughout Australia are listed on the following websites:

Human Genetics Society of Australasia – Find a Genetic Counsellor service

Centre for Genetics Education – List of public genetic services in each state


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