Webinar recording | Understanding Anxiety & Behaviours in Fragile X syndrome

November 21st, 2023

On 11 November, Dr Marcia Braden PhD presented a webinar on Anxiety and Behaviours in Fragile X syndrome.   The recording is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to understand more about Anxiety and Fragile X syndrome.  Why causes the anxiety? And how is the anxiety associated with Fragile X syndrome different?   And what strategies can parents, carers, educators, therapists, support workers or employers put in place to support the child or adult with Fragile X syndrome?

Dr Marcia Braden is a licensed psychologist and former special educator who is based in the US.  Dr Braden has many years of experience in seeing children and adults with Fragile X syndrome in a clinical setting, has been involved in research studies, and has authored a book and many publications on Fragile X syndrome.  She is a regular presenter in our webinar series, and has visited Australia many times over the years.

Many thanks to Zynerba Pharmaceuticals for awarding an educational grant to Fragile X Association of Australia to support a series of webinars with Dr Braden.


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