The cognitive profile of Fragile X syndrome

March 1st, 2020

Dr Marcia Braden PhD, short video filmed in March 2020.
Dr Braden discusses the cognitive profile associated with Fragile X syndrome. Commonly there are strengths in receptive vocabulary, long-term memory for meaningful information, and facial emotion recognition. However, difficulties may include attentional control, linguistic processing, executive functioning deficits, visual spatial cognition, and visual motor impairments. Females may mask learning problems. Math is difficult for males and females due to its sequential nature.
Understanding the cognitive profile can support individuals with Fragile X syndrome both in daily living and in enjoying learning.

Dr Marcia Braden PhD, is a psychologist, educator and specialist in Fragile X syndrome.
The video was supported by a grant from the Qantas Foundation Side by Side Grant Program.
Watch the video here:


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