FX Raffle Prize Winners – Announcement

December 9th, 2023

The Fragile X Raffle Draw was held at the Fragile X Association of Australia office in Brookvale this morning!

Delighted to announce the following winning ticket numbers:

1ST PRIZE –   Wooden Bike Rocker –  TICKET 126
2ND PRIZE – Wooden Seesaw – TICKET 388
3RD PRIZE –  2 CoolKits packs – TICKET 38
4TH PRIZE –  HugBug plush toy – TICKET 146
5TH PRIZE –  Chewable accessories for young children  – TICKET 232
6TH PRIZE –  Chewable accessories for older children/adults – TICKET 215
7TH PRIZE –  Hugbug plush toy – TICKET 263
8TH PRIZE –  Unique FX Tshirt – TICKET 165

The winning ticketholders have been notified by email.



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