Toileting Strategies and Supports Across the Lifespan, Part B

December 2nd, 2023

Dr Jennifer Epstein PsyD., licensed psychologist, webinar recording (2 of 2 in the series), 2 December 2023.

Communication, sensory, motor, physiology & cognitive delays are commonly associated with Fragile X syndrome. These delays can pose challenges for building toileting skills in childhood and retaining those skills throughout life.

In this series Dr Epstein aims to help parents and carers understand the type of approach to toileting skill development that may be most successful for their child or adult, based on individualised factors.

Part B focusses on support strategies for older children and adults.    Part A focussed on support strategies for children to the age of 10 and included data from the US FORWARD Study which illustrates toileting skill development trajectories for female and male children with Fragile X syndrome, from early childhood to teens.

Dr Epstein is co-founder of South Shore Psychological Services in the US (Massachusetts). She is a regular presenter for the National Fragile X Foundation in the US, and has many years of experience in Fragile X clinics and supporting individuals with Fragile X syndrome in her practice.

Watch the video recording of the webinar on our youtube channel:


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