Webinars with Dr Marcia Braden | Supporting the unique Fragile X learning style of children and adults living with Fragile X syndrome

February 10th, 2023

It’s wonderful to have Fragile X specialist Dr Marcia Braden PhD joining us again live from Colorado for our webinar series!  Marcia is a licensed psychologist and former special educator, and much-sought after internationally for her clinical experience and knowledge of Fragile X syndrome. She has been seeing child and adult patients with Fragile X syndrome and autism for many years.

Marcia will give great insights into the learning style of individuals who have Fragile X syndrome and the strategies and accommodations that will be helpful to support learning:

o  The unique learning style which is associated with Fragile X syndrome
o  Learning supports which utilise the learning strengths of an individual and accommodate for their challenges
o  Ways to structure an effective learning environment – at school, work, home or in the community
o  Strategies which promote learning throughout a lifetime, with examples

PART 1  – Saturday 18 February Since daylight savings is still with us, that’s 10am VIC/TAS/ACT/NSW |9am QLD | 9:30am SA | 8:30am NT | 7am WA | 12PM NZ.
Register HERE to join us LIVE on Zoom, or to receive a link to the recording to watch later.

PART 2 – Saturday 4 March. Again, that’s 10am VIC/TAS/ACT/NSW |9am QLD | 9:30am SA | 8:30am NT | 7am WA | 12PM NZ.



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