Webinar recordings: Communicating and Connecting – Supporting Language Development in Fragile X

December 23rd, 2021

Anxiety, hyperarousal and a range of other traits associated with Fragile X syndrome can interfere with language development.

Speech and language pathologist Bev Sher recently presented two webinars on speech and language in relation to Fragile X syndrome, including an overview of the approaches that will support the Fragile X learning style.

The first webinar addressed the communication challenges of HIGHLY VERBAL individuals with Fragile X syndrome,  and discussed components that contribute to successful social interactions as well as the underlying difficulties an individual with FX may have in social situations.

The second webinar addressed the communication challenges of LESS or NON-VERBAL individuals with Fragile X syndrome.  It also addressed motor speech difficulties such as Dyspraxia; the importance of parent responsiveness for language stimulation; how visuals and Augmentative/Alternative Communication can aid comprehension as well as expression;  using social stories to support receptive language; and the relationship between speech and feeding difficulties.

Bev Sher is a speech and language pathologist who has years of experience in working with people who have Fragile X syndrome, autism or development delays, through her role with Dr Cohen’s Fragile X Alliance Clinic in Melbourne and her own private practice Spark Speech Pathology.

Many thanks to the Qantas Foundation for a Side by Side Grant Program which supported the production and recording of these webinars.


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