Videos: Drs Randi & Paul Hagerman FX workshops in 2015

August 31st, 2015

In August 2015 with Dr Randi Hagerman and Dr Paul Hagerman presented at Fragile X workshops in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.
It was something of a whirlwind trip!  They gave presentations and met families in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, and presented to a range of medical professionals and researchers interested in Fragile X, including paediatricians,  neurologists and geneticists.

SPONSORSHIP THANKS:  The Hagermans’ visit to Australia was hosted by Fragile X Association of Australia with generous support from Royal Bank of Canada and Neuren Pharmaceuticals. Kids Are Kids Therapy & Education Centre in Perth, and Community Living and Participation Grants (WA) and Developmental Disability WA.

Videos of some of the presentations from the workshops are available on our youtube channel:

Dr Randi Hagerman
* New Advances in FXS and Treatments
* Premutation Carrier Involvement and Treatment

Dr Paul Hagerman
FXTAS:  An Older Face of the Fragile X Gene

Cathy Love Board member of Fragile X Association
Local Supports for FXS  
profiling the experienced health professionals available in Melbourne, the Fragile X Alliance Clinic, and the counselling service provided by Fragile X Association)

Dr Claudine Kraan
 Females who carry an FMR1 premutation: Can research make a difference? (an overview of research in Australia)


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