Notice of Annual General Meeting 11 November 2018

October 18th, 2018

Notice of Annual General Meeting of Fragile X Association of Australia Inc

DATE:  Sunday 11 November 2018
TIME:  2:00—3:00 pm
PLACE:  Fragile X Association of Australia, Suite 204, 20 Dale Street,  Brookvale   NSW  2100

Followed by Afternoon Tea

RSVP:                    5 November 2018, to


1.       Welcome
2.       Apologies
3.       Confirmation of Minutes of Annual General Meeting of 26 November 2017
4.       Matters arising from the Minutes
5.       Year in Review and Presentation of Annual Report
6.       Treasurer’s Report
7.       Appointment of Auditor
9.       Election of Board Members
Nominees (see bios below):
Wayne Pointon
Kate McKeand

Judith Lenart
Christine Kelleher
Prof  W Ted Brown
Graham Hook
Katherine Brown

10. Announcement of 2018 Achievement Awards
11. Other business


Wayne Pointon Wayne lives in Busselton, Western Australia with his wife Lisa, their daughter Emma (9) and twin boys Ben & Zak (6). Zak has Fragile X syndrome whilst his siblings are unaffected. Wayne has held several senior positions in the public sector in analytics and investigations, and in enforcement and compliance operations. He currently holds an operational leadership position within the mining industry. Wayne enjoys spending time fishing and camping with his family.

Kate McKeand   Kate is a disability advocate and mother of two children who have Fragile X full mutation. She is based in Melbourne and is a director of a consulting organisation that specialises in supporting and empowering participants in the National Disability Insurance Scheme.  She has represented families of children with disabilities on a number of consumer and advocacy bodies, and has presented at a wide range of forums on inclusion of people with disabilities, disability supports and NDIS. Originally an environmental engineer, Kate has experience working in board and management roles in the not-for-profit, government and consulting sectors. Kate loves yoga and the Australian bush, and is attempting to establish a sensory garden at home with the help of her children and husband Stuart.

 Director re-nominations

Judith Lenart               (Treasurer, and Co-ordinator of the Board 2018)

Judith is an experienced director with a background in business, education and health. She has served on the boards of several companies and charities in Australasia. Judith joined the Board of Fragile X Association in 2014 and has served as both Secretary and Treasurer. She is a registered valuer and has served on the finance committee of CatholicCare Broken Bay, New South Wales. Judith is based in Sydney.

Christine Kelleher       (Secretary 2018)

Christine has been involved with Fragile X Association for nearly twenty years, including serving on the board and the executive committee several times.  She is a mother of three adult children, two of whom have full mutation Fragile X. Christine is passionate about seeing the Association succeed and sharing her knowledge of raising affected children within the Fragile X community. Christine is based in Sydney. 

Prof Wm Ted Brown    (Director 2018)
Prof Brown MD is the recently retired Director of the New York State Institute for Basic Research (IBR) in Developmental Disabilities, Staten Island, New York. Upon retiring, he moved to Sydney and married paediatrician Dr Jacqueline Small, who runs a clinic for children with developmental disability. He has an appointment as Visiting Professor at the University of Sydney. Much of his 35 year research career has focused on Fragile X syndrome and on autism. He was the first to describe a relationship between autism and the Fragile X syndrome. His team was the first to demonstrate the feasibility of prenatal diagnosis for Fragile X, and subsequently have provided prenatal diagnosis for more than 1,400 known carriers. His laboratory has developed a sensitive antibody test to quantify the Fragile X protein levels in blood spots. His clinic was a participant in the Fragile X drug trials sponsored by Seaside, Novartis and Roche. Prof Brown is based in Sydney.

Graham Hook           (Director 2018)
Graham’s son James is an adult who has Fragile X syndrome.  Graham re-joined the Board in May 2016, having previously served as a director, Vice-President and President of Fragile X Association.  Graham has also served on the board of Duke of Edinburgh Awards, and Life Be In It (NT).  He is a current member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.  Graham spent the majority of his career in the Air Force and now serves as a business manager within the Department of Defence.  Graham also volunteers with Special Olympics Queensland as a basketball coach for one of the Brisbane teams.  In his spare time Graham enjoys gardening, cultural events, catching up with friends or just being with his wife Amanda.  He is an amateur artist who enjoys doing landscapes and portraits in oils. Graham is based in Brisbane.

Katherine Brown        (Director 2018)
Katherine is English and moved to Australia in 2006 with her husband David. Together they have two children: Samantha is 9 and has not been tested for Fragile X; Andrew is 7 and has Fragile X syndrome. Katherine joined the Board in 2016. She has worked in the finance industry for over 10 years. Before moving to Australia she was supervising a debt recovery team for a stock broker, representing the company in court during disputed claims. Katherine built on her public speaking experience in 2012/13 before returning to the finance industry in a sales role. She has recently taken up running and likes to run for fitness with friends. Katherine is based in Adelaide and has taken part in several organised running events and has used these events to fundraise for Fragile X Association on several occasions


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