FX webinar program 2022

February 28th, 2022

Our webinar series for 2022 will deliver a range of informative and interactive sessions on Fragile X.

The first webinar was on Females and Fragile X syndrome – with licensed psychologist and Fragile X specialist Dr Marcia Braden.  It was a really great discussion of challenges faced by some girls and women who have Fragile X syndrome across range of domains, and supports that can be effective where support is needed.
The webinar recording is now available online.
Dr Braden has committed to delivering three more webinars in 2022, on learning and behaviours.  Dates yet to be set.


Speech Pathologist
Tuesday 1 March 2022
8pm AEDT

Bev Sher is passionate about using SOCIAL STORIES as a communication tool to help children or adults with Fragile X manage behaviours, reduce anxiety, practice social interactions, learn new skills in a workplace, and more….   This webinar will be a great intro for anyone who’s not using social stories already; and may be a source of new ideas for anyone who’s created them in the past for someone in their care.
The webinar recording is online here
Fragile X Alliance Clinic
Tuesday 15 March 2022  8pm AEDT

Dr Cohen will discuss the conditions treated in Fragile X syndrome and the types of medication which may be recommended for children or adults.
The webinar recording will be online soon
Health perspectives for Fragile X premutation carrier women
Dr Amanda Vincent MD
Epidemiologist and menopause expert
Monday 4 April 2022
8pm AEST
Dr Vincent will discuss Primary Ovarian Insufficiency (POI) and health perspectives of POI / early menopause for women who are Fragile X premutation carriers.Dr Vincent has clinical, research and translation expertise with national and international recognition in the area of menopause. She is Head of the Early Menopause Studies, Monash Centre of Health Research and Implementation (MCHRI), Monash University; and Senior Endocrinologist, Menopause Clinic and Senior Endocrinologist, Osteoporosis clinic, Monash Health. Dr Vincent is past President of the Australasian Menopause Society.
Webinar for families / carers
Bev Kadish
Occupational Therapist
Tuesday 24 May 2022
8pm AEDT
Join Bev Kadish for an overview of what sensory processing is, and its importance in daily life. Bev will share an insight into the Sensory Processing Disorders which some individuals with Fragile X syndrome experience and how this affects behaviour. She’ll cover strategies that help give the person with Fragile X the best chance to feel calm, alert and organised as a result of appropriate sensory input.
This webinar is geared for families/carers of people of all ages who have Fragile X syndrome, and anyone in their circle of support.
Webinar for therapists
Bev Kadish
Occupational Therapist
Tuesday 31 May 2022
8pm AEDT
In this session Bev will provide a good understanding of Sensory Processing Disorder particular to individuals who have Fragile X syndrome. Bev will discuss the Fragile X phenotype relating to the freeze, fight, flight response. She’ll cover the importance of creating a sensory diet and how to implement it practically; what sensory integration therapy is and how it helps with Sensory Processing Disorders; and maintaining self-regulation for optimal performance. Bev will outline approaches to managing sensory processing disorders across a range of environments – home, school, day care centres etc.



World Fragile X Day!

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