Fragile X Community Day, 3 November 2017

October 6th, 2017

We are delighted to host a Fragile X Community Day in Hobart, thanks to the support of Calvary Community Council.

A unique opportunity to get together, and to hear from the latest from experts Dr Marcia Braden, educational psychologist from the US, and Dr Jonathan Cohen, medical director of Australia’s only FX-specific medical clinic, Fragile X Alliance Clinic.

This event is for EVERYONE with an interest in Fragile X – families, carers, education professionals, disability service providers.

  • Update on Fragile X conditions
  • Health perspectives for carriers of Fragile X
  • The latest in research
  • Education  and learning:  strategies to incorporate and support the Fragile X learning style
  • Daily living strategies: understanding behaviours in individuals with FX; supports and interventions that work
  • Interactive session on anxiety in Fragile X syndrome.
  • Discussion panel.

Many Thanks to Calvary Community Council for providing funding to help support this event.



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