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August 18th, 2023

Medications and Fragile X syndrome, with Dr Jonathan Cohen MD – 10 August 2023

Dr Cohen presented a discussion of conditions associated with Fragile X syndrome and the types of medications which may be recommended to treat these conditions which include anxiety, ADHD, aggression and self-injury, OCD, mood disorders, epilepsy and sleep disorders.

Dr Jonathan Cohen MD is the Medical Director of the Fragile X Alliance Clinic in Melbourne.   This webinar was co-hosted with Fragile X New Zealand.

Sensory Processing and Fragile X syndrome with Bev Kadish – 29 June 2023
Bev’s presentation covered:
* Sensory processing and how it works
* Hyperarousal – the over-reaction to sensory input and can be triggered in Fragile X by a wide range of situations.
* Sensory Integration Therapy
* Use of sensory diets  to help to minimise hyperarousal and anxiety, and create calm. Examples of proactive and responsive sensory diets
* The effectiveness of movement activities and deep pressure input.
* Techniques to maintain regulation

Bev Kadish is an occupational therapist with years of experience in supporting children and adults living with Fragile X syndrome through her practice WriteStart and with the Fragile X Alliance Clinic in Melbourne.


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