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Back to school 2024 | Resources for educators & parents

February 2nd, 2024

Fragile X syndrome has a well-researched and recognised learning style, involving strengths and challenges that stem from the neurobiology of this genetic condition. Understanding the Fragile X learning style, and making appropriate accommodations to a learning environment, are the keys to successful outcomes for children and adults. The resources here will provide the essentials for getting up to speed, and more comprehensive materials for a deeper dive on the Fragile X learning style so you can accommodate for the challenges and capitalise on the strengths of Fragile X syndrome.


Shaw and Partners to match Bridge to Beach fundraising to $5,000

January 23rd, 2024

Beyond the sheer exhilaration of paddling across Sydney's beautiful Harbour, the Bridge to Beach paddle race is dedicated to supporting and raising funds for Fragile X Association of Australia, adding a meaningful purpose to this thrilling paddling experience. This year race sponsor Shaw and Partners has pledged to MATCH, $ for $, the first $5,000 raised, This incredible support will help us reach our fundraising target of $10,000. You can help is us reach our fundraising goal and activate the matched donation by Shaw and Partners by making a donation online


Podcasts + videos | our knowledge bank on Fragile X

January 1st, 2024

Our knowledge bank on Fragile X is extensive!  Ideal for early learning about Fragile X, or a refresh. Catch up now, before our FX Webinar Series kicks off again for 2024. We've hosted and recorded many workshops and webinars over the years, featuring leading international and local specialists in Fragile X syndrome and the Fragile X premutation. The video recordings of webinars and workshops are available on our youtube channel, and some of the recordings are podcasts on our channels on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.


Manly Wharf Bridge to Beach 2024 – supporting Fragile X

December 22nd, 2023

The Manly Wharf Bridge to Beach stands as one of Australia’s premier open water paddling events, celebrated globally for its breathtaking spectacle.  It's an 11 km paddle across Sydney Harbour, sponsored by Shaw and Partners Financial Services and  organised every year by Dean Gardiner and the team from Oceanpaddler.   Fragile X Association of Australia is thrilled to be charity partner for this event, raising funds for our important Family Support Counselling service.


Toileting Strategies and Supports Across the Lifespan, Part B

December 2nd, 2023

With Dr Jennifer Epstein PsyD., from webinar recording December 2023. Communication, sensory, motor, physiology & cognitive delays are commonly associated with Fragile X syndrome. These delays can pose challenges for building toileting skills in childhood and retaining those skills throughout life. This session focuses on successful toileting skills development for children over the age of 10 and adults.

Fragile X Podcasts


Survey for parents / carers of adults with Fragile X syndrome

FRAGILE X | ADULTS & AGEING. We're undertaking the first Australian study on the support needs, health & wellbeing of ADULTS with Fragile X syndrome. Our goal is to enhance quality of life for adults with Fragile X syndrome as they age. We invite parents or carers to participate in our SURVEY. The survey has questions about: 1. GENERAL HEALTH AND WELLBEING of the adult with Fragile X syndrome. 2. EFFECTIVENESS OF EXISTING SUPPORTS for the adult with Fragile X syndrome as they age. 3. FUTURE PLANNING concerns of families & carers who provide support 4. ANY GAPS IN SUPPORTS OR SERVICES which may impede best outcomes in care. From the information contributed through the Survey we will develop training modules for frontline carers and tools for advocacy. The Survey can be completed ONLINE, in PAPER FORM, or by PHONE. Contact us for more information - or 1300 394 636

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